By Sue LeDoux

The Divine Meddler

A Thrilling Novel

Sue’s debut novel, The Divine Meddler, follows Lou Skalney’s descent into darkness when he learns of his daughter’s murder. In his grief, he turns his back on all he believed and loved, and chooses a road labeled “justice.” Little does he know what awaits him as he takes his first step into a hell he cannot escape without help. Will he accept the grace offered him or embrace the abyss?

Sue LeDoux


Fueled by coffee and an overactive imagination, Sue LeDoux creates fiction that draws from her years as a nurse and wife of a CSI chemist. She blends her fascination about church history with a good dose of life’s raw experiences. Her flawed characters navigate messy lives, just as we all do. She does not write for the spiritually comfortable. If you are looking for sweetness and sunshine you won’t find them in her work. 

When not home in Rochester, New York, her two favorite places are New England and in Tennessee, with her son John and his wife, Deborah.

She has been a free-lance journalist for a Christian newspaper covering upstate New York, and an irrepressible blogger on matters of faith, wellness, caregiving, and of course, writing. You can find her devotionals at and her blogs on her website and at


“WOW. Powerful and eerily close to
our situation at present.”

– Cathleen Donegan

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