I relate to the latest Lazy-boy commercial big time. It’s all about being lazy, savoring laziness, and proclaiming its value. You sit for as long as you want in that recliner, girlfriend!

Rude (usual) Awakening

Another night of insomnia with all my “to do’s” and “what if’s” swarming in my brain. Then I thought, I’m retired and there’s no boss judging my performance, no one following me around with a check- list. Why am I letting this need to achieve and avoid mistakes keep me awake? What if I just didn’t care and enjoyed every part of my day, even housework? No pressure. Just go from one thing to another and what I don’t do today, I can do tomorrow—or never if I want.

Who cares if I spend hours reading for simple pleasure? Will I get a demerit? I am in this world, not of it.

Healthy Approach

That’s not to say I cannot pursue goals and challenges. I thrive on them, and “thrive” is key. If I allow deadlines, roadblocks, or anxiety rule while I pursue my goals, I’m not thriving. I’m adding unnecessary stress to a time in my life when I can lean into what I enjoy the most.

I’m currently auditing a master’s level course offered by Northeastern Seminary on Christianity. No pressure there! I hope that, with more knowledge and insight, my writing on matters of faith will be deeper and reach more people. Note that I’m auditing the course, and not taking it for credit. Since I get no credit for the course, I’m free to engage as much or as little as I want.

The thought of writing “Academic Paper #1”does not make me happy, but writing a blog or article on the topic does. That’s what I’m auditing the course for and that’s what I will do.

Inner Landscape

My calendar may look like it did when I put pressure on myself, but inside, it’s a different world. My faith tells me all that is important is Christ’s love for me and my love for Him. Everything, everything else is mere commentary. Moving from that premise, I take joy in whatever I’m doing, grateful I can still do it. (Some days more than others. Ouch!)

And the only person watching me is the One who helps me, guides me, and holds me up. So He has no problem with me working on that quilted pillow every evening instead of editing my last chapter or cleaning my oven. Or writing a blog to reach people instead of a professor.

It’s a matter of spiritual, psychological, and physical health. So, as we Boomers said in the “60s, “Chill out!”