It’s not like I’m out there partying heartily or mixing with lots of people. Sure, I wear a mask when I go to the grocery store or sit mask-less when alone in the library’s Quiet Zone. All the members of our Life Group (read Bible study) are inoculated seniors. Really, I would make Dr. Anthony Fauci proud.

So how is it I got Covid last week and my immunosuppressed, far older, husband didn’t? Not that I’m complaining or anything. If he had it, the both of us would be suffering terribly. I’m thankful.

War Zone

I am also thankful that I was armed and ready for the invasion. Not only was I fully inoculated, but my immune system was also thriving on all those veggies. I had only one day of extreme malaise, loss of taste (temporary I hope, since I still recognize sweet, salt, and tart), and a nagging cough. On day three I began to feel almost normal and have been progressing since.

My doctor said I needed to quarantine for 10 days since first symptoms, and I interpreted that as vacation time!  I can’t run errands or shop, even working in the library is verboten. Sigh. That leaves reading up a storm, catching up on all those TV specials I taped for “when I have time” and doing soft (i.e. until I’m tired or bored) research on writing projects. I may even quilt! Now that I think of it, maybe I should be double careful and add another 10 quarantine days.

On the Other Hand

Now that I’ve tested positive and hubby negative (home COVID tests), I must be extra careful around him until I can contact his PCP to get further preventive directions. Because I care for him 24/7, there’s no cordoning him off in another part of the house and putting his food on a tray outside his door. So, I mask up when we’re closer that 6 feet. He eats in the kitchen, and I eat in the family room, so we are more than six feet apart. Sounds easy and clear.

Just grab a mask and try this at home. Every time you will be near your spouse, housemate, etc., grab and wear that mask. You will be amazed how many times you are close and then not close. Close and not close again. Mask on, mask off — on and on for the entire day, and even the middle of the night if you are a caregiver.

I’m hoping he can get a booster sooner than later, or any other immune enhancing treatment that may be out there. If it does break through, I hope it’s mild like my case.

Two Takeaways

  • The vaccinations make a difference. They prevent or reduce the enemy’s attack. The data is out there, and I am just one of thousands who are living proof.
  • God is in control, always. Clearly, of the two of us, hubby should be the Covid positive one, not me. I’m younger, more active, and have no immunosuppressive problems. I really think God protected him.

Who knows, maybe He wanted to remind me I can always rest in the comfort of  His sovereignty —— especially in these challenging times.