Superego, ego, and id. Always liked that id, that runaway part of me going for it’s own thing. But the superego (the bossy part of my psyche that tells me what to do and not to do) kills all the fun. That leaves my ego (the integrated part of me) confused.

American Culture

In Italy, they take a siesta in the middle of the day. Not here. So many of us hit the floor running every morning and don’t stop until late evening. We gobble food on the run, eat late, and wonder why we can’t sleep. Then we cram left-over tasks or wall-to-wall activities for us or our children on the weekends. And some of our children are so over-programmed, mindlessly scrolling social media during down time passes as fun.

We need to revel in simple joy. Our superegos are turning us into workaholics and running the show, so let’s rein it in.

Add Fun to Your To-Do List

I discovered if I believe having fun each day, and especially on the weekends, is a must-do, my Superego will go along with it. It won’t nag me while I’m cutting fabric for a quilt or reading a novel. I’m supposed to do that, because finding my joy is as important to my health as eating leafy greens. So there, you bossy so-and-so!

I make out ambitious to-do lists during the week, but I’m off work after the dinner dishes are done. Period. Although I’m supposed to be retired, I’m not. I merely changed careers. Still, my boss (me) gives me every weekend off. I call it my Sabbath Rest to add a moral imperative to it.


In the photo above, we see a man resting in his chair with an amazing bird (probably stuffed) next to him. When I’m not rushing around, I find I watch the critters around my home for longer periods and with more pleasure. The man is sharing one of life’s great blessings, music, with a youngster, maybe his grandson. Special moments like that appear suddenly and need to be embraced because they are fleeting. I think he’s doing the best possible thing he could in that moment.

Really, will someone give me demerits if I take time for joy in my day? I could Google the benefits of recreation, but I know what I will find, and so do you. What amazing joys await exploring that hobby, that subject, that skill that always interested you, but you’ve been putting off?

Now that I posted this blog, I’m going back to my pillow-quilt project. See ya!