We’ve always had certain “rites of passage” in our culture. I have a photo of my father as a toddler in a dress. If you knew my father, you would laugh right now. Anyway, he soon passed into short pants, and from there to long pants. The first bra is a girl’s rite of passage, and I suppose fraternity hazing is another one. I’ve come to think having total knee replacements is another rite of passage reserved for folks in my age group. “Happy 70th birthday. Here’s your pre-op date.”

Now It’s My Turn

I held out as long as I could. But when I couldn’t walk more than 10 minutes without needing to rest my knees, when gardening became impossible (not that I liked it, but just the same…), and when a cane became my third leg, I knew my rite of passage was at hand. UGH!

So Far

The preoperative assessment seemed thorough, and the nurses answered my questions. Then came what is called a “mini-mental” assessment, which I find insulting and reeking of ageism. How dare they assume because I’m older, I may be losing my mental acuity? My grandmother was mentally seven jumps ahead of everyone when she was 93!

So, when the nurse asked me to draw a clock, I said I thought the medical team should take the mini-mental, and not me. After all, they’re the ones doing the diagnosis, procedure, ordering the meds and caring for me. Let’s hope they have all their marbles!

Next Up

It will be interesting to see how everything plays out. I can tell you I’m not afraid. I know nothing will happen that is not in God’s will. In fact, I anticipate seeing what God has in mind for my orthopedic adventure!

I look forward to eight weeks of driving-less recuperation. My outside commitments will go on hold while I do my exercises, catch up on my reading, and have time to work on my sequel to The Divine Meddler. I plan to binge watch movies and PBS Passport, and may even get a little quilting in.

Sharing my Journey

Blogging about my total knee replacement experience as I live through it may help those of you facing your orthopedic rite of passage. Please share your experiences in the comment section as I share mine.

I think it would stretch this topic thread too far if I stuck to my four-week blog subject rotation. So, for the next few weeks (or so) I’ll take you along on this journey. I should be six days post-op in the next installment. Here’s hoping that will be an upbeat blog. In any case, it will be an honest one.