One in Eight Women May Get Breast Cancer

We don’t need to settle for that statistic, ladies. And shame on oncologists who only advise chemo and radiation to treat cancer, and never mention preventative and other curative measures.

It is a FACT (not yet-to-be-proven speculation) that weight control, exercise, eating certain foods and avoiding others can control and even kill cancer cells. With avoidance of cancer-causing chemicals as much as possible, we have more control over cancer than we ever thought.

I’m not saying chemo and radiation won’t help in some cases, but oncologists should be ashamed for not instructing their patients in those PROVEN natural interventions that have been fully documented.

I would go so far to say that not to do so now borders on malpractice. The only entity enhanced by drug/radiation approach only is Big Pharma and the hospital/clinic. $$$$$$$$$$$$$

Short and Sweet

This may be one of my shortest Body and Soul blogs because the link I’m providing will help women more than anything I could write.

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