It started as a short story, but I soon discovered the plot’s arc was too big. It needed to be a novel. So, over the next five years, between article assignments and blogs, in fits and starts, Lou Skalney’s life took form and became my “magnum opus.” It lived in my mind and on my hard drive. Occasionally, and later more regularly, I brought it out for airing and submitted it to my fellow writers’ opinions. Still, it existed in another world.

Home Stretch

Like something dragged through a laundry cycle — wash, rinse, repeat — it was edited, re-edited, formatted, and tweaked. Then Suanne, at Canoe Tree Press of Dart Frog Books, informed me I could order my softcover and hardcover proofs from Amazon. (Soon it will be available to the public for purchase!)

When I saw The Divine Meddler’s cover on the Amazon author site, it felt like seeing my kid in a strange place. “What are you doing here? You escaped the hard drive!” So I clicked on the covers and ordered them both, just like I always order books. It didn’t seem real…

Until Today

God is so good. He thinks of everything. When I imagined the moment I would hold my first book in my hands, my husband, Gene, was always in the picture. Instead, I received a message that my book would arrive early and today was to be the day. Today, my Hope Group was meeting here for our bi-monthly Bible study. We’ve grown very close over the years and, instead of holding my literary baby in my hands, alone in my kitchen, my dearest friends surrounded me and shared my joy. Can’t tell me God didn’t plan it that way!

I tell you, God does meddle in our lives. In fact, I wrote an entire book about it!