Many years ago, as members of the Sports Car Club of America, my husband and I attended races run by the Club in Watkins Glen, NY. I recall standing at the edge of the racetrack just before the start of a race. I sensed the drivers’ pent up anticipation as they waited to unleash their beasts. Finally, the cars roared to life at the command to start engines. I felt the raw fury of those  engines, and when they bolted onto the track, the earth beneath me trembled and the force ran through my body.

Running the Race

St. Paul’s comment about “winning the race that is set before us” reminds me of that day at the racetrack. God created people to be masters over his creation. He loves every one of us with divine intensity. Among all his creations, we are his “formula race car drivers,” made to know, love, and serve him in powerful ways. We are not driving mere sedans!

What Kind of Drivers Are We?

When we do not love as we should; when we pass judgment on others, or make hurting people hurt even more, it seems we Christians are crashing our racecars, causing pileups that add to the  world’s havoc. No wonder some say Christianity is no better than any other do-good philosophy.

Driver Errors

I thought about road racing and how we drivers (Christians) are damaging our formula cars (Christianity) in our race to salvation.

A person does not climb into a formula racecar without training, and just take off. Tons of practice, patience, and courage go into turning a sedan driver into a racecar driver. Although we “put on the new man” when we accept Christ as our Lord, we still have faults. Each day requires I obey his commands and love others in ways I may never have done before. Sometimes my engine sputters as I struggle to get the hang of this.

Pit Crews

When I choose other commitments over attending Sunday worship, I am racing past my pit crew. Besides God, my church family knows me all too well — yet still loves me! My brothers and sisters in Christ are my pit crew, and I am part of theirs. We know how to fix our faulty engines, with the help of our Grand Engineer.

High-test Only

I need to refer to my driver’s manual, my Bible, because in there I find the fuel my car needs. Filling up at the world’s pump will not work for a formula race car. Yet, as I sit on a tank of high-octane fuel, I still struggle to keep on track. With God’s help though, at least I avoid creating mayhem.

But if you want to win the race of a lifetime, complete with wild turns at breakneck speed, place the car’s Grand Engineer in the driver’s seat and ride shotgun.